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These pictures are all 'examples' and as every tin is formed by hand not mass produced,
there will be differences, each one is unique and signed/dated an original, thus delivery times will vary.
Typically it's around ten to fourteen days for 'stock designs' at present.

Some people have said that these prices are a bit high for a tin. Well, if you consider that even the cheapest takes a couple of hours to complete, add the cost of the tin and post/packing, actually the 'hourly rate' for my aching hands falls well below the national minimum wage! These prices will have to increase fairly soon,..
.. so make the most of these prices while they last.

Although the tins are the same as tobacco tins, the things people use them for include jewelery, body-piercings, credit cards, first aid, sewing kit, make-up, biscuits and sweets, throat lozenges, driving documents, playing and tarot cards,.. to name but a few. I'm sure I've missed a load but you get my point, they are very versatile.
Some just sit on shelves as pure sculptures, which of course they are anyway!
I often supply tins with a lid both sides but that means paying for both lids, it's not a BOGOF offer!

You can contact me with any questions or comments using the contact by Email

All can be engraved with 'gift' inscription inside.
For example:-
"From Eddie with Love"
Dragon Toon 001 (Stock design) Click to view/order
This character was a doodle I came up with ages ago for a friend of mine, brought to life as a 5ft tall animated model who hates anyone called George! As I live in Wales, I guess this is my number one design and possibly the most popular.
(Also available with various gemstone eye settings to special order only)
Pony-001 (Stock design) Click to view/order
This rather sweet creature was the most friendly pony in a field not far from where I live. He posed to have his picture taken and seemed to insist that this was his best side.
Wild Rose 01 (Stock design) Click to view/order
The original of a design from a picture by Rex Short from Axminster. Deceptively simple (because it's not simple to get right) but effective.
Photo Profiles by special request only Click to view/ask for quote
This was the very first face profie I did in 1982. Not every face is easy to translate into a metal picture. These can take several days to complete, hence please email me with sample pictures for a quote as the level of detail will affect the price.
(Pictures will not be used for anything other than the tin you order.)
As a guide only, prices start from around 55.00

More of 'em in progress!

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