Face Profiles.

This particular design was the first profile of a face I ever attempted in 1982. It took me a couple of weeks to get done. Then it fell off the desk, rapidly followed by one of the tools I used to form it, creating a tiny dent that is the little tear-drop just below the eye.
Incredibly, it seemed to be the finishing touch and as my relationship was in the process of falling apart, it seemed to be very poignant! I still have it and as you can see, it has the wear to prove how far we have travelled together since.
Since then I have made several of these very individual portraits and because to the very personal nature of them, I take my time creating them. The way it works is that you send me a few possible profiles of the person's face you would like me to work with and I will pick out the best way to get an image that works on metal. Some facial features are more difficult to work with than others. The metal has certain finite limits thus I have found that profiles work best. Full face pictures are honestly a nightmare and seldom look right from anything other than a single angle so I tend to avoid them, as also half profiles which are sometimes possible but take a lot more time.

I have done profiles of several famous people, including Jimi Hendrix and a cartoon version of Andy Powell which made him smile! Finding a workable picture of a star is not easy but can be fun. Cartoon images seem to be quite popular with both fans and stars alike.
The time it takes to complete one of these is reflected in the price and as a guide, for a piece that takes a single day (which would be a fairly straighforward profile from a good image) the price would be 55.00. Bear in mind that these are utterly a on-off sculpture with no 're-prints' possible as may be done from a painting. It is possible to take castings from an original and this has been done a couple of times but casting in say bronze resin, would cost around 50.00 too. The castings done previously were set as plaques on wooden backing so yes, you can get more than a single sculpture but not in the same medium.
Due to the complexity of these sculptures, I do not keep any stock items other than the one original I have here. Oddly enough, one of my Hendrix tins was sold at auction for considerably more than I got for it! Hey, that's the art world for yah.

You can contact me with any questions or comments by Email or for a price on these options, with the pictures/ideas you are considering.

  Face Profile 1982

  A portrait with a difference.